Barcelona Photoblog: Pigeon on Street Water Tap

April 22, 2014

Pigeon on Street Water Tap

Pigeon graffiti on water tap in Barcelona

Don't bother trying to feed the pigeon, in fact you can go and drink from the tap, the bird won't fly. It was funny, cause the fact pigeons are so many here in Barcelona and so exposed to a great range of illnesses, makes them look sort of unhealthy and you tend to regard them as rats so probably you wouldn't drink with one of them that close. This painting on the wall, did play a trick on me. It is so strikingly real. This picture was taken at a square next to carrer Carders. If you want to see more street art in our city please visit my previous posts: Crucifixion on Decay Wall or Graffiti on Ancient Door or follow labels street art and graffiti.
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