Barcelona Photoblog: Top 3 activities in Barcelona

April 07, 2014

Top 3 activities in Barcelona

Barcelona History told by its graffiti

The walls of Barcelona are the secret keepers of its history, guarding who why and when many works of art were created and made visible to all the citizens around the city. But it’s possible to get those secrets out and analyze the modern art of graffiti to understand more of the evolution of Barcelona through its society and political circumstances. It’s a curious and overwhelming discovery that will make anyone look at the city in a different artistic way.
Sailing in the Mediterranean Sea
Barcelona sleeps and wakes up by the waves sound murmuring sweet and inviting words to the entire crowd around the seashore. However, sometimes that calling comes from a boat and there’s the option to sail on the Mediterranean Sea along the coast of Barcelona and enjoying the beauty of the beaches, the outstanding buildings and the almost infinitive blue while filling up the bellies with tasty tapas and living the life of a real fisherman.
Free fall the Barcelonese skies
The adrenaline, the fear, the desire and many other mixed feelings cannot be detached from the scare of losing the floor underneath the feet. But that is also what pushes someone out of edge; it is what drives someone to finally jump. Free falling the Barcelonese skies is a one in a lifetime experience! Accompanied by a professional instructor, the feeling of jumping, the falling at fast spend and the view around is truly breathtaking and as astonishing as it can be. 

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