Barcelona Photoblog: Alice of Penelles - Foxx and Zeso, LLeida

November 28, 2020

Alice of Penelles - Foxx and Zeso, LLeida

Alice of Penelles, Lleida by Foxx and Zeso

About 130 kms away from Barcelona, in the neighboring western province of Lleida in Catalonia, there is this little oasis of street art where almost every house is a public mural joyously adorned with graffiti. This town is called Penelles. I took pictures there a long time ago but never took the time to share it with you, not that I remember (I must be going nuts with these pandemic times). Not only do you find local ideas over there but also the work of international artists like the New Yorker or better said Long Islander BKFOXX and the French @zesoner who in unison delighted us with this wonderful and realistic Alice about to lead us through the rabbit burrow in the very corner of these two walls.
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