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January 07, 2020

La Vietnamita Sant Antoni: Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Barcelona

Today I want to recommend something different that I am sure Barcelona visitors and of course, many locals would appreciate, Vietnamese cuisine, and what better than choosing a good restaurant in the city that I have tried myself, of course. The place in particular is La Vietnamita Sant Antoni which is part of a group of four restaurants that have been providing quality service for almost a decade to 'exotic' food lovers like us. But before I talk about my favorite Vietnamese let's explain why I go there in the first place.

Why a Vietnamese? Southeast Asian food, that is, Vietnamese or Thai food are delicious options that we often overlook in Barcelona. We tend to choose between Japanese or Chinese all the time (Korean would be the less common choice within the East Asian food group). I am no expert but in my opinion they all share some common traits, like good cousins, sort to say, but have a character of their own that would take hours to describe here. I like the way Japanese handle raw food. I like fried stuff, pork mainly, soy and ginger from the Chinese. Korean Bibimbap. Sweet and spicy flavors and coconut milk in Thai food. In fact, what I enjoy the most is sweet and spicy and I can have that in Vietnamese food plus that little extra touch of herbs like lemongrass, Vietnamese coriander, Vietnamese balm or mint, rice paddy herb, basil, lime leaves...

It is this taste and scent of herbs that captivates my senses, that harmony of natural ingredients that tells me I am enjoying quality, organic, healthy food. This really makes a difference for me and constitutes the main reason I choose Vietnamese cuisine in La Vietnamita Sant Antoni.

Last time I visited, I went with the family, wife and daughter. It is the perfect spot for family groups as there is plenty of room (there is even a playground area for kids). Space, comfort and street-style decoration is the first thing that calls your attention in fact. All four restaurants in the chain have that casual street deli food stall air that goes so well with the idea of homemade healthy cooking, respectful with nature and affordable.

And here is what I recall we ordered this time and will surely make us repeat:


The Nem rán fried rolls that take veal, carrot, onion and noodles.

Main course:

1.  Bun Bao Burger with salmon and fried yucca

2.  Noodle crunch with shrimps, vegetables, Vietnamese herbs, coconut powder, nuts and Nuoc Cham fish sauce.

3.  Red curry with coconut milk, mesclun salad, jasmine rice, chicken and peanuts (curries are fantastic!)


Che chuoi of tapioca pearls, coconut milk and banana. Yummy, yummy!

And last but not least, the refreshing Vietnamese lemonades or the exotic cocktails in the Mixology section. 

I wouldn't want to finish without stressing that general state of well-being that accompanies you and your stomach when you include such fresh and environment respectful foods in your sustainable diet. It is time to start the year with new commitments and why not including good old wise Vietnamese cuisine to clean the path.

December 23, 2017

Tuna Tataki for Christmas Main Course

Tuna Tataki served on a bone marrow by Carlos lorenzo - Barcelona Photoblog

Are you trying to come up with ideas for your Christmas main course, do you really want to surprise your family with something totally off the beaten track in these times of religion inspired celebrations?

Then why don't you go for an authentic Tuna Tataki, the Japanese way.

As you know Barcelona Photoblog works around the inspiration of an image to make up a story and I had this beautiful tuna tataki photograph I took in one of my favorite spots in the city:

The chef there surprised me with this exquisite presentation of small tuna cubes dipped in ponzu sauce adorned with wasabi pearls and some caviar served on a bone with its marrow.

I was already a fan of tataki  (Japanese たたき: "pounded" or "hit into pieces"). I remember having my best ever tataki made with almadraba tuna, in a Rio Tinto mine restaurant in Huelva. Man, was that something!!!

And so I decided to take some self teaching. I have seen the most weird recipes on the web but I fell in love with a very simple one made by a real Japanese chef, no pretentious high class cuisine stuff, who prepares the fish fast and totally for dummies. In my opinion the important thing is how to sear and slice the tuna. The following video will show you how.

 These are the only ingredients you need:
  •  Slice onions
  •  Wakame seaweed (I can skip this)
  •  Corn Oil (or Olive Oil in my case)
  •  Scallions (like a thin calçot)
  •  Cucumber
  •  Ponzu Sauce
  •  Micro green leaves like Shiso for example
  •  Tomato and a slice of lemon for decoration

Here is Hiroyuki Terada in his Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef

By the way, while you are at it, why not learning at least basic japanese Kana symbols, with the Kanji Study app for Android or for iOS. I killed a lot of time on a plane once learning this. Or perhaps you can take your first steps with Duolingo Japanese course.

Happy different Christmas everyone!

Best wishes

October 01, 2015

El Vaso de Oro: Authentic La Barceloneta Style Tapas

They say that an image is worth a thousand words, so see for yourselves in a nutshell all that El Vaso de Oro can give you and don't just take my word for granted.

Notice that the place is crowded with people that look pretty satisfied with the quality of the food, the special charm of the place and the friendly professional waiters (that one leaning on the counter, is an authentic showman and almost the soul of the bar). But let's go with the food, cause no matter how warm the atmosphere is, you go there to entertain your stomach and then let your mind do the rest.

El Vaso de Oro is well known for its Solomillo con Foie (Sirloin and foie gras), which is highly recommended but it also serves great Ensaladilla Rusa or delicious croquettes. Besides that, you can try their Patatas Bravas (fried diced potatoes with spicy sauce) or the great variety of seafood and why not their good serrano ham. Considering they have an exquisite draft beer of their own and the fact that they really know how to pour one in a flute glass, I can say that what you really have to worry about is your diet and how sober you'll get back home.

All in all, this is a small and rather noisy bar with an attractive decoration and a lot of history behind. Be prepared to eat while standing behind other lucky customers that take long to leave their seats. Be prepared to fight a little bit to be heard and served, but rest assured that you will enjoy good tapas in a traditional La Barceloneta neighbourhood style. 

El Vaso de Oro: Address: Carrer Balboa, 6
Phone: +34 933 19 30 98
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