Barcelona Photoblog: El Vaso de Oro: Authentic La Barceloneta Style Tapas

October 01, 2015

El Vaso de Oro: Authentic La Barceloneta Style Tapas

They say that an image is worth a thousand words, so see for yourselves in a nutshell all that El Vaso de Oro can give you and don't just take my word for granted.

Notice that the place is crowded with people that look pretty satisfied with the quality of the food, the special charm of the place and the friendly professional waiters (that one leaning on the counter, is an authentic showman and almost the soul of the bar). But let's go with the food, cause no matter how warm the atmosphere is, you go there to entertain your stomach and then let your mind do the rest.

El Vaso de Oro is well known for its Solomillo con Foie (Sirloin and foie gras), which is highly recommended but it also serves great Ensaladilla Rusa or delicious croquettes. Besides that, you can try their Patatas Bravas (fried diced potatoes with spicy sauce) or the great variety of seafood and why not their good serrano ham. Considering they have an exquisite draft beer of their own and the fact that they really know how to pour one in a flute glass, I can say that what you really have to worry about is your diet and how sober you'll get back home.

All in all, this is a small and rather noisy bar with an attractive decoration and a lot of history behind. Be prepared to eat while standing behind other lucky customers that take long to leave their seats. Be prepared to fight a little bit to be heard and served, but rest assured that you will enjoy good tapas in a traditional La Barceloneta neighbourhood style. 

El Vaso de Oro: Address: Carrer Balboa, 6
Phone: +34 933 19 30 98
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