Saturday, June 17, 2006

Incivism: A Rebel Yell

Incivism: A Rebel Yell
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Guess what, this mad rabbit wearing a frown, pierced to the bone and rebelling against anything that smells familiar with the system, the city council, the mayor, the state or himself, no wonder the sign said "incivisme über alles", was on the opposite wall to the Eddie Murphy-like graffiti. I don´t get it...Rappers and Skins...I am getting too old for this, get a job!
Maybe you want to see the full view, or not.

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  1. great work!
    ps.rappers are fine, but skins :p!

  2. Funny! Why in German and not Spanish??

  3. Doesn't that rabbit look like Hitler? Are they mad, or what? How on Earth can they think that Hitler is cool? To begin with, Hitler would have called anyone who painted something like this a "degenerate" and sent them straightforward to a camp. Don't they know History? Well, I guess they don't...

  4. As I love Barcelona and as I love tag's on wall I love your blog wich is very interresting

    Buenas tardes

  5. nice solid colors from this illustraion...i like the way u frame it:-)))


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