Barcelona Photoblog: Street Artist XI at Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Street Artist XI at Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Today I choose a picture about something more likely to be admired in case you visit Barcelona (personally I think my two previous mountain images are too far away for tourists). I keep counting my series of Barcelona artists: number XI here a veteran fakir and sword eater is entertaining the crowd who does not know whether to laugh or look the other way sickened by the view. 

Did you know that Fakir is an Arabic word meaning "poor" and that sword swallowing was already famous as a magic trick in Ancient Greece?, in fact it is not an illusion, it's a matter of learning to control your reflex gagging at objects touching the throat. Anyway, I am glad that I chose the backstage because I had a great time watching people's faces by far more interesting than the show (no offense).


  1. You did get a great shot of the spectators! Nice work!

  2. Ye Gods! Look at the spikes on that nail bed! That looks far more dangerous than the sharp object he's swallowing.

  3. Lots of curios bystanders - he seems to get a lot of attention.

  4. Thank you micki, nerissa and nicola

  5. If he sneezes get a reeeal problem and if he fallsback the problem is bigger since his work wont be enought to pay the plasters!

  6. Anonymous11:16 PM

    i like street magic...really fun to watch they do the tricks, great street shot:-)


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