Barcelona Photoblog: Barcelona Architecture: Agbar Tower by Nouvel


Saturday, June 3, 2006

Barcelona Architecture: Agbar Tower by Nouvel

Barcelona Architecture: Torre Agbar

The Agbar Tower now known as Torre Glories by Jean Nouvel as seen from Sagrada Familia. Nouvel was inspired by Gaudi and the mountain of Montserrat (it reminds one of its famous dome-like hills). Many things have been said about the building, so I prefer that you check Agbar Tower or Glories Tower on Wikipedia for useful information.

See Agbar Tower by Jean Nouvel Picture on a Google Earth Map


  1. I would have to say the tower does not remind me of the domed hills, but something else standing at attention...

  2. I like how you framed the tower.

  3. love the mood and framming you did !

  4. Yes, I have a friend who would say it looks very phallic. =) It is an odd looking building. I like how you framed it.

  5. Anonymous4:16 PM


  6. Hahaha, I see that some of you saw a different thing here, instead of Monserrat domes. Well I guess so, after all that is part of architecture and sculpture for ages.Thanks to you all, believe me I promise to comment you all tomorrow, I have been out of Barcelona this weekend, thus the delay in posting and commenting.

  7. Anonymous4:11 AM the way u frame the landscape and the tower, cool idea:-))


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