Barcelona Photoblog: Don Quixote in Santa Susanna (Maresme Coast, Barcelona, Spain)

Friday, June 30, 2006

Don Quixote in Santa Susanna (Maresme Coast, Barcelona, Spain)

Don Quijote,Santa Susanna, Barcelona - Spain

Recently I drove to Santa Susanna Beach not very far from Barcelona on the Maresme Coast. After taking a swim and compulsory devouring the mandatory paella at a small restaurant about 20 meters away from the water, we walked along the main street trying to pace up with the tourists who lazily wandered up and down apparently going nowhere.

There was nothing I could think of for a good photo of Barcelona, when among the crowd I happened to see this ghostly Don Quixote (Don Quijote in Spanish), giving me a naughty smile like some goblin that no one but me could see. It's high season and street artists are working on the double.

PS: If someone knows this lady please tell her she really ruined my shot. Was she sticking her tongue out at me?.


  1. Your photo is hilarious! I kind of think she was thirsty more than giving you the bad eye ... oops, I mean "tongue".

  2. At first I thought Don Quijot had been altered in post processing and then I read your comments. Those street artist can be so funny!

  3. yeah, she is in he way! but it is still a nice photo, funny I think!
    The vehicle from your last post is funny too.

  4. I'm not really that much in to streetartists - but this photo is GREAT! The woman gives it that extra something.
    I also like the big format of your photos - it really shows them off.



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