Barcelona Photoblog: Catalan Modernisme: Palau del Baró de Quadras

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Catalan Modernisme: Palau del Baró de Quadras

Palau del Baró de Quadras by Cadafalch, Barcelona

Built in 1904 by Josep Puig i Cadafalch, the palace has a front façade combining Gothic and Plateresque, and a rear façade facing carrer Roselló which is a block of flats.

Notice in the picture the abundance of gargoyles and floral adornments or the beautiful lamps in the Arabic-style interior. One of the details I find most interesting to admire is the ironwork of the front door.  

Palau Baró de Quadras used to be known as Casa Asia, a public institution promoting different projects in common with Asian countries now located in Hospital de Sant Pau.

Now the Palau holds Institut Ramon Llull which is a public Catalan institution.

See Palau del Baró de Quadras Picture on a Google Earth Map


  1. As always, great photo and lovely building. I had heard before of Casa Asia, but didn't know what it was, so thanks for the explanation. I've specially liked the gargoyles of the door. And moltes gràcies for the link,too!

  2. wow, it looks like the facade is made of lace...

  3. Thanks Lisi and Carmen

  4. Beautiful building, excellent photo!


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