Saturday, December 8, 2007

Carnation Fresco, Flower Stall, Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Carnation Fresco, Flower Stall, Las Ramblas, Barcelona [Enlarge]

Of course this is no fresco, these are real carnations, as shot in a flower stall at Las Ramblas, Barcelona. I added a very subtle pastel effect and it is meant to draw your attention from the distance. It is a very common image, so I took the liberty of playing with it. Although it is almost imperceptible. Here are three pictures that appeared in Barcelona Photoblog in the past, taken in the same place: Flower Bouquets, Flower Stock Photography (notice the same carnations below) and Flower Bouquet at La Rambla dels Flors


  1. I love the variation of reds...

  2. What beautiful flowers! I love the vivid colors.

  3. Bonitas flores, que grandes cores.

  4. Carlos, los del otro día parecen dinosaurios!!increíble!
    Veo que andas rezagado, espero que sean las vacaciones!! pásalo bien en estas fiestas, un saludo desde los madriles!! :)

  5. We actually call these 'Sweet William' or 'China Pinks'... even though they are the same family as carnations. Very common in gardens here.

    (Here being Canada.)


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