Barcelona Photoblog: Sunset Farewell at Barcelona Port

Monday, December 31, 2007

Sunset Farewell at Barcelona Port

Sunset Farewell at Barcelona Port [enlarge] 

To kiss goodbye 2007 I should have published this image in due time. As it is written somewhere in the stars that my daily posting mission is too heavy a cross to carry sometimes, I come to you from the future to talk about the end of the year.

I had chosen this elder couple looking far away in the distance, perhaps taking their last pictures of Barcelona before turning back home, to make some kind of allegory about time, age, hope and whatever good thoughts this image may inspire. I let you with them watching the sun slowly set over Montjuic mountain. Tomorrow it will be just another day on earth, let's take the most out of it.


  1. Viva... venho até aqui para finalmente conhecer o famoso Carlos. E, de facto, os elogios que lhe fazem são merecidos.
    Excelente blogue com fotos enormes! De qualidade espectacular.
    Também mantenho um projecto pessoal, mas coisa modesta...
    ... secrets ...

  2. The orange, gold, greens and blues present a lovely photograph. I bet this couple hates to leave.

  3. It's a lovely scene with thoughtful comments.

  4. Beautiful photo. Lovely post.

  5. Great looking sunset. Gail & I fancy visiting Barcelona sometime in the near future.

  6. -Hola Quin es un placer. Ya había visto tu bonita página. Me alegra tu visita. Gracias por el comentario.
    -rambling round: Yes, I think so. That is what they seem to transmit, some last minute nostalgic mood, but of course maybe he is just tired of waiting for her to take the picture :). Thanks
    -Kate, I like you value my modest thoughts. Thanks.
    -Thanks so much, restaurant girl.
    -Be my guest. Thanks for your nice comment.

  7. Carlos, o link que você consultou sobre a Igreja Velha está correcto.
    Infelizmente, não existe muita coisa na "net" sobre Joane.
    Se você não se importar, irei linkar seu blogue.

  8. Wow... I got speechless...
    Very profound post. Thank you.

  9. mais uma vez uma excelente imagem, de facto é uma excelente zona a do porto de barcelona...

  10. Claire said...
    It is a beautiful photo! I have been in Barcelona 2 years ago and I was staying at one of the Barcelona hotels near the port so I could meet with that beauty almost everyday! When I saw that view for the first time in real, I just felt that I was really lucky and I wanted to share that beauty with the other people immediately like you.

  11. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Una puesta de sol muy bonita, me encanta el reflejo naranja en el agua y en la madera y la pareja mirando al mar.


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