Tuesday, December 11

Detail of Faith Hallway or Entry in the Nativity Façade, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Detail of Faith Hallway or Entry in the Nativity Façade of Sagrada Familia cathedral by Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

This is a detail of the Faith hallway or entry located to the right of the Nativity façade in Sagrada Familia. It is an image of Jesus in his carpenter work bench. To get a better idea examine other sculptures from this façade featured in Barcelona Photoblog in the past: Turtle Holding Pillar, Presentation of Jesus in the Temple and Adoration of the Magi

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Blogger Melissa said...

What gorgeous detail, I went back and looked at all the other photos too. I would love to see this in person.

12:35 AM  
Blogger Ioanna said...

Amable Sagrada Familia! I was standing for hours noticing the amazing sculptures!

8:44 AM  

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