Saturday, December 1, 2007

Taking Photographs at Port Vell, Barcelona: Romantic Couple

Taking Photographs at Port Vell, Barcelona: Romantic Couple [enlarge]

This is a picture of another picture. A young man taking some photos of his girlfriend. I wouldn't dare say they are Japanese tourists but you know the cliche about who is more fond of shooting at everything that moves. She looks like some model to me. The light was great right before the sun went down over Montjuic mountain. The Port Vell area was crowded and lots of tourists were waiting to pass to the other side of Maremagnum bridge towards Las Ramblas. Some others were trying to capture a good sunset shot, me too! But I couldn't resist sneaking into this couple's private world and snatching a moment of intimacy.


  1. He might only have eyes for her, but I only have eyes for all those wonderful boats in the background! Nice capture, Carlos. Do you have a new sidebar or has it been there for sometime and I just have not been observant??

  2. Michelle11:43 AM

    Gorgeous photo--the clarity and the lighting is just wonderful. :)

    And thanks for the visit!


  3. É uma zona da cidade magnifica.

    Boa foto, sim senhor.

  4. Hi Carlos,

    I just wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas & a wonderful New Year & to thank you for your consistantly beautiful photographs of the magnificent city that has captured my heart...

    kind regards Inez


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