Barcelona Photoblog: Girl Smoking On The Corner, Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona

Friday, December 17, 2010

Girl Smoking On The Corner, Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona

Girl Smoking On The Corner, Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona [enlarge]

In the winter, at noon, the sun in Barcelona is not that high and the light can be as good as that you have by the end of any summer afternoon. Watching people from the shadows of less illuminated streets and trying to capture their sunbathed bodies, their backlit silhouettes with the camera is fascinating for photography enthusiasts. Today, an anonymous girl, surrounded by the smoke of her own cigarette on some Passeig de Gracia corner. Maybe you would like to check my Flickr photoset on street photography


  1. Anonymous1:23 AM

    passing by, just like smoke

    great picture indeed. please have a wonderful friday.

    daily athens

  2. Hi Carlos...

    I'm sorry I haven't been around lately but I just don't seem to have enough time...

    Saw this on the portal, though, and wanted to say that I think it is a really excellent shot. I thought there must be a smoke-making machine on the street somewhere ...

    Love it!

  3. A common sight but well captured.

  4. somehow the feel is right for the gurl. deep in thought and smoke.

  5. Beautiful shot indeed! Gorgeous light.
    I left you a message on Expat Blog message board.

  6. It is a dreamy street scene, Carlos. I like it very much.

    A few weeks ago, my husband and I saw Leonard Cohen in concert in Portland, Oregon - the best concert I have ever seen. His band is so wonderful, and the man who played 12-string guitar and other strings was Javier Mas. He was fantastic. Leonard Cohen introduced him as being from Barcelona.

  7. Love this picture, gracias!

  8. I really like the light in this photo. It really sets the mood.

  9. wonderfool light on thiss photo, feels taste of sigaretee and week warmness of winter sun..


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