Barcelona Photoblog: Seidel and Naumann Sewing Machine in Barcelona Shop

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Seidel and Naumann Sewing Machine in Barcelona Shop

Seidel and Naumann Sewing Machine in Barcelona Shop [enlarge]

Who has not seen one of those everlasting sewing machines still working like brand new decorating grandma's house? I still remember a veteran Singer parked somewhere at Mom's bedroom. And what about those marble top tables with sewing machine legs. Anyway, here is an authentic beauty, a vintage Seidel and Naumann model. Judging by the decals it seems to be Serial No. 2107675 sold through the company's London depot although the one in the other site's picture has only one spool pin. Perhaps an expert could help with the exact model. I liked the shop display, the illustration hanging on the wall, the combination of black and white, the shadows from the trees nearby and the whole sober decoration with a vintage sewing machine as the main subject. I thought to myself you would like to see something different today.


  1. That's a fancy Nancy, old sewing machine! My mother is big into sewing!

  2. This is such a wonderful image Carlos!

  3. I wish sewing machines were made as well today as they were back then. When I was first married I had a peddle Singer machine, no electric.


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