Barcelona Photoblog: Sant Miquel del Fai near Barcelona: Priory House

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sant Miquel del Fai near Barcelona: Priory House

Sant Miquel del Fai near Barcelona: Priory House

Sant Miquel del Fai is a natural park situated in a valley basin about 35 kms away from Barcelona. You can go there by bus or by car, and you have to pay for the entrance (6€ more or less). Besides the incredible view of caves, small waterfalls falling at river Tenes and the imposing sedimentary rock cliffs, it features the Romanic hermitage of Sant Martí already important by the IVth Century, the Sant Miquel Church buried inside a grotto and a monastery known as the Priory House (closer look), built upon an enormous legde in the mountain walls at the beginnings of the XVth Century. Because of the geological nature of the park, this zone is rich in Neolithic archeological findings, mainly remnants of Iberian settlements.

Google Earth Satellite Picture of Sant Miquel del Fai near Barcelona.


  1. Anonymous8:15 PM

    nice frame....beautiful landscape and the building is fantastic...great capture:-)))

  2. your blog is like a guide of barcelona with really nice photos.

    maybe you want to ssee some nice picture of autumn in japan?

  3. Carlos! This is a bloody beautiful and stunning shot!

  4. Anonymous8:16 AM

    absolutely amazing! how the h.... they do that those days..kudos!

  5. wow...
    so beautiful place!
    I know your city because of the Olympic games. But I like Spain.:)
    Greetings from Shanghai.

  6. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Amazing. I hope it doesn't crumble down that cliff one day.

  7. High pelene, those autumn photos are great.
    Thanks edwin, my friend.
    I appreciate that kris and mick.
    Yes mick, quite natural.
    Hello Jing and Shanghai. You are welcome to my Barcelona Photoblog.
    Don't worry, it has resist for centuries.


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