Barcelona Photoblog: 7 Best Pro Wedding Photographers in Barcelona

January 27, 2018

7 Best Pro Wedding Photographers in Barcelona

Asian bride in wedding photograph in Barcelona

Documenting your wedding, one of the main events in your life, putting it on record be it digitally or on film is something that we don't want to lay in the hands of an improvised amateur that will spoil our memories forever. With this I don't mean that amateurs lack the talent of an artist but maybe they falter in the technicalities or in something as simple as knowing how to solve last minute complications efficiently without ruining the client's ceremony.

Today I want to give you a list of the best pro wedding photographers in Barcelona which I am sure might make you feel happy about the results and rest assure that your money is well invested. Of course this is a personal selection and there are lots of creative and professional photographers out there. If you know other experts drop me a line so I can make an update later.

As you know there are different styles in wedding photography:

Classic or traditional wedding photography:

Remember those tedious weddings where guests are having a great time while the bride and the groom are tortured with a set of precooked classic poses in classic scenarios? Well, you still have a lot of that nowadays although other options are changing the way we approach the nuptial event. Classic style can be very appropriate if mixed with other styles. We are used to being directed by the master of ceremonies that the wedding photographer has always been but that is changing. Thanks God!


The attempt to break with stereotypes and the need to be in tune with modern times paves the way to a sort of subjective narration, more like a documentary executed by these professional artists who frame the truth of the scene as it is happening. It is not strange to hear comments like: the photographer was fantastic, we didn't even know she (or he) was there. Inside this style you can talk about documentary wedding photographers or reportage wedding photographers but in the end is all about narrating a story with images, the photographer as a storyteller.

Editorial wedding photography:

Editorial wedding photography is similar to photojournalism in the sense that they both tell a story, but it does not have limitations, as the scene can be staged there no need to always concentrate on capturing the moment.

Fine art wedding photography:

As the name suggests this style is about the artistic side of the image, the lights, the composition and the post processing. No need to get a LaChapelle striking artistic result to be regarded as a fine art wedding photographer but more or less you get the idea.

Fashion wedding photography:

A style that borrows from the fashion industry, especially the use of off camera lighting, model poses and  daring backgrounds as well as the display of fashion consumer articles.

Studio wedding photography:

As the word says, this is all in-studio, so I imagine is worse than the classic style!

And now, after the long introduction let's go with the...

List of best pro wedding photographers in Barcelona:

Cesc Giralt Wedding photography
By Cesc Giralt

I start with one of my favorites, Cesc Giralt. He does Wedding Photography and Engagement (Pre Wedding) and Honeymoon (Post Wedding) Photo Shoots in Barcelona and Spain.  If I were to get married again which I won't I'd hire his services to remind me of such big incongruity.

Carla Aymat Wedding photography
By Carla Aymat

Carla Aymat is a Fine art wedding photographer with a very close and natural style. A young photographer with a lot of experience. Discreet and nice person according to her clients comments.

Martina Zancan Wedding photography
By Martina Zancan

Martina Zancan describes herself as 'a brunch addicted, lifeaholic, Italian fashion photographer living the dream in Barcelona and traveling the world to tell stories. She mainly does wedding reportage.

Raquel Benito Wedding photography
By Raquel Benito

Raquel Benito, captures the details, the essence of the subjects in the photograph in a very natural way. She loves to narrate a story in every image.

Santi Roman Wedding photography
By Santi Roman

Santi Roman, an expert in documentary style photography filled with romance and emotion, Santi Roman is a true craftsman.

Veronica Hansen Wedding photography
By Veronica Hansen

Veronica Hansen studied Photojournalism and History. Making artistic portraits of women was her creative outlet while she traveled the world. A real pro with a good background in photography.

Xavi Guirola Wedding photography
By Xavi Guirola

Xavi Guirola, young millennial photographer and video maker with an obsession for new trends in technology, Japan and Netflix. He is a perfectionist in his field.
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