Barcelona Photoblog: The 4 Best Animals to Hunt in Spain

January 07, 2018

The 4 Best Animals to Hunt in Spain

Spain is a geographically diverse country located in Southwestern Europe; its southern tip consists of the British Overseas territory of Gibraltar, with the narrow Strait of Gibraltar separating the territory from the Northern tip of Africa. Its position gives rise to a broad range of wildlife and scenery which makes Spain a fantastic country to explore, as well as an increasingly popular hunting destination.

Here is a brief guide to some of the most popular game animals found in the country.

Hunting in Spain

Gun laws in Spain are much more restrictive than the US, as is the case for most European countries, and organized hunting trips will often provide visitors with a hunting rifle. Again, like most European countries there are less restrictions on small caliber hunting weapons. If you are just visiting, then you will probably want to rent equipment rather than purchasing it. Note that prices also vary when compared to the US. In the US you can find a 9mm for sale under 200, however guns of this type are not available for purchase in Spain.

Red Deer

The Iberian red deer is smaller than its European counterpart, weighing in at somewhere between 180-220 lbs on average. Its coat is not as thick as the European variety and tends to be lighter in color. Its antlers are very fine and can have upwards of 20 points, but are not as long or as heavy when compared with European red deer. The national population is estimated to be around 350,000 and it is probably the most popular game animal in the country. The second half of September is peak hunting season for the Iberian red deer.

Fallow Deer

The fallow deer is a medium-sized deer, its shoulder height is around 36-43 inches and it weighs in at between 140-220 lbs on average. The color of its coat varies more than with most other deer species. It is a diurnal animal, meaning that it is usually active very early and very late during the day. The fallow deer has excellent senses, its vision, hearing, and sense of smell are exceptional, especially when compared to other deer. It stands out among other deer as being one of the few that barks when it is startled.


The European mouflon is one of the smallest wild sheep in the world, it has a shoulder height of around 30 inches and weighs in at under 100 lbs. Its appearance is similar to that of domestic sheep in the Unites States, the main difference being that its outer coat consists of hair with the wool being concealed beneath.

Ronda Ibex

The ibex is one of Spain’s most iconic animals and is a popular game mammal. The Ronda ibex is the smallest variety of ibex found in the country and also has the smallest horns. It is popular as a hunting target owing to its small size and agility.

Spain is an excellent location to take a hunting vacation, it offers a variety of wildlife to hunt and scenery to hunt it in.
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