Barcelona Photoblog: Culture to Cuisine: Where to Go When Planning a Vacation to Spain

January 29, 2018

Culture to Cuisine: Where to Go When Planning a Vacation to Spain

Spain offers something for everyone. Whether you love cultural breaks, foodie experiences or simply relaxing on a beach, there is a destination waiting for you in the passionate, sophisticated country. Find out where to go when planning a vacation to Spain.

A Cultural Break

If you want to experience mesmerizing architectures, famous art, and interesting museums, you should make Barcelona your first choice. The cosmopolitan city is easily one of the most culturally rich cities in all of Spain, making it the ultimate destination for those who appreciate unforgettable scenery and delicious cuisine. It’s also located in the Mediterranean’s busiest port, so it’s ideal for those hoping to travel via Europe cruises.

A Sunny Experience

Spain is certainly not short of sunny weather and beautiful beaches, which can provide a relaxing vacation in Europe. If you want to spend most of your time on a sandy beach, Andalusia is certainly worth a consideration, which offers beautiful weather throughout the year. Yet, temperatures can soar to an uncomfortable temperature during the height of summer – so time your trip well.

Foodies’ Paradise

Spanish cuisine offers a concoction of delicious flavors that will linger on your tongue throughout your vacation. People who appreciate good food should make their way to Granada, which offers an authentic Spanish experience complemented with delicious tapas. It’s one of few cities that will provide free food with every drink, so you can experience different dishes with every order. You may also love a trip to either Seville or San Sebastian, as both offer internationally acclaimed tapas. Foodies will never want to return home.

Wine Experiences

Spain is world renowned for exceptional wines, such as a Rioja, Cava, and Ribera del Duero. Those who want to experience wine from the best regions should consider taking a trip to Bilbao and/or San Sebastian, which are in the Basque Country and a stone’s throw away from the Rioja wine region. Yet, the destinations also offer their own homegrown wine: Txakoli. To experience the best wine in Spain, you should look no further than the capital city of Madrid.

Outdoor Adventures

Are you a fan of outdoor activities? You might be surprised to learn you can go skiing in Spain. Of course, the best place to visit to hit the slopes is Barcelona, as it is within proximity of the Pyrenees. You can also participate in The Tomatina Festival, also known as the Tomato Battle, which takes place in the small town of Buñol every August. Locals prepare every year for the epic tomato event by adorning their homes with plastic sheeting. Both its residents and tourists will then begin throwing tomatoes at each other for fun. It’s a unique outdoor experience you won’t find anywhere else in Spain or beyond.

Have you got any top tips for planning a trip to Spain? Have you visited any of the destinations listed above? Share your advice and stories to help others enjoy the ultimate Spanish vacation.
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