Barcelona Photoblog: Palau de la Musica Catalana: Modernist Ceiling

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Palau de la Musica Catalana: Modernist Ceiling

Palau de la Musica Catalana: Modernist Ceiling [enlarge]

Catalan art nouveau or modernisme at one of the most remarkable jewels of architecture in Barcelona: Palau de la Música Catalana, the concert hall. While you sit and relax at the cafeteria, look up and contemplate in detail all the different geometric lines traced with tiles on that modernist ceiling and the rich colors. I particularly like the flowers on those columns. Remember you can search for "palau" if you want to see previous posts of mine related to this place, like this: stained glass ceiling


  1. I love the colors. They are wonderful.

  2. Barcelona is as always colourful ans sexy

  3. Beautiful "postcard" like shot (well better than any postcard!) of a beautiful building, Carlos.

  4. I enjoyed the tour, using your links. There's only one word for this building: SPECTACULAR! Your photos and commentary help us see it through your eyes.

  5. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Nice photography. I also like the designs and colors.

    Baby raccoons. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
    Brookville Daily Photo

  6. Simply gorgeous light and color. I must get to Barcelona. In your opinion, what is the best time of year to visit?

    The fade effect around the edges works very well. Did you do this in Photoshop? If you did, what tool did you use?


    St. Louis Missouri Daily Photo Blog

  7. - to lv2scpbk: Thanks! I am glad you like the colors.
    - aigars bruvelis: Yes, in a way the columns and colors may look sexy, maybe hedonistic. interesting approach :)
    - Sally that's very kind of yours.
    _ Kate your comments are very supportive I really appreciate that.
    _ Hi Abrahams, it is good you like it too. Thanks for coming.
    _ Strangetastes: I love it when someone asks about the story behind the picture. Well first of all you ask about the best time to visit Barcelona. Hmm, that depends on so many factors: money, time, preferences. From the point of view of a citizen, I would say I prefer spring, specially the month of May. It is always too hot in July and August and there are too many people downtown. But of course if you like the beach, nightlife and its "side effects" much better in the summer when everyone is much more open. You can always make your trip coincide with important events be it sports like soccer or celebrations like La Merce, Sant Jordi or Carnival. Maybe you prefer winter which is always warmer than in some other countries. I think all Mediterranean cities are nice to visit all year long. Uf that was the first answer. As to the picture: I used Photokit by Pixelgenius in Photoshop but you can also use specific Actions for that or create the vignette yourself but that takes more time. I was not happy with the corners of the pic and cropping was too drastic so I improvised a little. I also used Photomatix first to balance tones. It was too dark due to the exterior light. In fact it was a picture I have tried to rescue from my paperbasket.

  8. Great colours. We really like to watch your photos.
    We hope to visit Barcelona one day. And then we take a few terabites photos. ;)))

  9. Precioso!!! Tengo que ir a verlo por dentro..

  10. Beautiful building and photo, Carlos.

    Thanks for the advice about best time to visit Barcelona. I might try to come next May!


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