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June 06, 2010

Barcelona Railway Stations: Estació de França

Barcelona Railway Stations: Estació de França [enlarge]

Railway stations have that certain nostalgic mood associated to departures, to waving goodbye and leaving your beloved behind. Many times we think of steam, of steel, of ticket collectors and whistles as if we were in the XIX century, maybe evoking famous movies, you know, the kind where the guy runs along all the platform to find the girl and hold her hand or to try in vain to get her off the wagon. After I finished writing these words I found there was a good article about trains in films. Among other things the author talks about the different emotions triggered by a railway station. I think Railways in Film by Jiro Hanyu fits the kind of atmosphere I wanted to portray with this photograph of Estació de França in Barcelona.

June 03, 2010

Down El Born Streets

El Born, Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

Walking down El Born streets in Barcelona. Early in the morning. The smell of night and terraces still fading away, diluting in the puddles left by cleaning city services. Sidewalks populated little by little. Lamp post bulbs still warm. Artists setting up their painting boards. Curious cameras stalking behind corners.

June 01, 2010

Barcelona Bars: Opening Ceremony

Barcelona Bar, El Born [enlarge]

A small bar called Rincón in El Born neighborhood. One of the many terraces in Barcelona city to enjoy the fine weather and the great food. Most of them do not need to be very pretentious to offer good service and quality products for a reasonable price. Before the play begins, the staff needs to set up the stage to amuse the audience. On many occasions these are family businesses as seems to be the case here. This is what we would call el bar de la esquina (the corner's bar), our friendly place to chat over some beers with our neighbors. A tradition that is clearly losing ground to modern times and new business models.
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