Barcelona Photoblog: Barcelona Bars: Opening Ceremony

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Barcelona Bars: Opening Ceremony

Barcelona Bar, El Born [enlarge]

A small bar called Rincón in El Born neighborhood. One of the many terraces in Barcelona city to enjoy the fine weather and the great food. Most of them do not need to be very pretentious to offer good service and quality products for a reasonable price. Before the play begins, the staff needs to set up the stage to amuse the audience. On many occasions these are family businesses as seems to be the case here. This is what we would call el bar de la esquina (the corner's bar), our friendly place to chat over some beers with our neighbors. A tradition that is clearly losing ground to modern times and new business models.


  1. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Much missed indeed, being able to meet up with friends, wasting time. Guess it is time for summer break. Please have a wonderful start into this month.

    daily athens

  2. Carlos, you have no idea how I miss those "bares de la esquina". I wish we had more of those around here.

  3. You have to love places like this. Sorry to hear that they are losing customers.

  4. I hope places like this continue to rake in customers. It's a safe place for people to chat about the neighborhood worries too.

  5. The view of the rows of chairs' legs, put up side down on the tables every evening to clean the floor, for me is always the idea how hard the work of "setting up the stage" is. Here these places were destroyed by soviets, tradition never revived.
    Something wrong with your photos, they make me blabbing :-)))

  6. I have found several near me. Fun!!

  7. It's an inviting looking place. Morning sun and a nice coffee, can't be beat.


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