Barcelona Photoblog: Down El Born Streets

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Down El Born Streets

El Born, Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

Walking down El Born streets in Barcelona. Early in the morning. The smell of night and terraces still fading away, diluting in the puddles left by cleaning city services. Sidewalks populated little by little. Lamp post bulbs still warm. Artists setting up their painting boards. Curious cameras stalking behind corners.


  1. Awesome apartment balconies with their flowers! Must be very expensive real estate there I guess, non?

  2. Certainly a lot of motorcycles there. Looks like a terrific place to display art.

  3. -I guess some of them are. That depends. There's cheap stuff, shared apartments, lousy hostels but a lot of them are high standard thanks to foreign capital if u know what I mean. Restored buildings, beautiful lofts and so on.
    -There was room enough in that corner. These motorbikes do not match much ;)

  4. I've found the variation in architecture is a single block very interesting.

  5. It's always a treat visting your blog. Beautiful pictures and evocative writing to go along with it.

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  7. Great capture and information as always...

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