Barcelona Photoblog: Barcelona Railway Stations: Estació de França

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Barcelona Railway Stations: Estació de França

Barcelona Railway Stations: Estació de França [enlarge]

Railway stations have that certain nostalgic mood associated to departures, to waving goodbye and leaving your beloved behind. Many times we think of steam, of steel, of ticket collectors and whistles as if we were in the XIX century, maybe evoking famous movies, you know, the kind where the guy runs along all the platform to find the girl and hold her hand or to try in vain to get her off the wagon. After I finished writing these words I found there was a good article about trains in films. Among other things the author talks about the different emotions triggered by a railway station. I think Railways in Film by Jiro Hanyu fits the kind of atmosphere I wanted to portray with this photograph of Estació de França in Barcelona.


  1. Had to visit Estació de França last night to meet students arriving in Barcelona. I like it better than the bigger Barcelona station. It seemed to have more character. Your image reflects that. I like the mirror balls hanging in the lobby that picked up the reflection of the tile flooring.

  2. Thanks Luis and BNart!
    I certainly agree with you Nick. I've got some details of those metal balls to post soon.

  3. Yo hice unas cuantas y el segurata me lio un pollo... ni que fuera un terrorista.

    Muy buena con el gorila de espaldas

  4. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Living about 3,000km far from home, this surely was felt. Wonderful photography. A nice Tuesday for you.

    daily athens


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