Saturday, June 6, 2009

Camiseria Xanco at Rambla, 78 - Selling Shirts Since 1820

Camiseria Xanco [enlarge]

In 1820 Antoni Cotchet i Nin founded old Casa Cotchet which he left to his former employers Josep Xancó i Farreras and Joan Bel that got in charge. Xancò who came from a wealthy family in Caldes de Malavella, Girona eventually took over the shop after Joan Bel resigned in 1921. In the 40s, Josep Xancó died, and the shop was inherited by his daughter Herminia Xancó and subsequently by her son Tristan Xancó Kussrrowc, who is in charge at present and has expanded the business. This is a sidewalk metal plaque in front of the store in which the city hall celebrated the 173rd anniversary of this unique historical shop in Barcelona. It reads "Camiseria Xancó 1820 - 1993 to all those years serving the city". Soon I will show you the place in detail.

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