Barcelona Photoblog: Thirsty Like A Dog

Monday, June 15, 2009

Thirsty Like A Dog

thirsty dog [enlarge]

I don't like cliches and showing dogs, cats or any pets, you know, is kind of a classic. But this one was a thirsty dog and it can help illustrate the arrival of hot temperatures in Barcelona. I just liked the way the lady calmed the animal's thirst, directly from the bottle. Other than that this is just another picture of a dog.


  1. That looks like a cute way to do it! Very kind of the lady. I can imagine how unbearable are the hot summer temperatures. Here in Mumbai, it just makes you mad.....

  2. Nice - but I'm not sure I would have liked to have drunk from the bottle afterwards!

  3. Dropping by to say "aloha"...been so busy and playing *free* since returning from my journey, and now I'm finally checking up on one of my favorite photo bloggers!

    As always...fabulous photos!

  4. Anonymous3:16 PM

    RU on vacation? miss your pics....
    look forward to your next posting

  5. Carlos, me pregunto si la mujer le dió al perro antes o después de beber ella... ;)
    Por cierto, aquí en Madrid hace un calor horrible... ya sabes que nos falta el mar :'( pero me subo a Barna a finales de junio a pasar 2 días y de paso a ver a U2 jijiji

  6. Pictures of dogs are fine--you just don't want to write poems about them.

    I am trying to guess where this picture was taken...Montjuic facing the sea?

  7. Thanks my friends. Hi Kuanyin, a pleasure to have you back. Designslinger, no unfortunately I am not on holidays, but mentally yes, for a while. I needed some break along the way. Hi Dsole, let me know when you are here! Rich you are right, this is facing the sea in Montjuic at the Mirador del Alcalde area. Keen observer! Kcalpesh, yes it is very hot sometimes in here but in Mumbai it must be terrible and still we complain. It is human nature after all :) Hi, Adam, me neither. This was entirely swallowed by the animal. I can see now that she's holding what looks like a beer can and a plastic glass.

  8. Good idea, gotta take take of our pets :-)


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