Barcelona Photoblog: Ferran Street As Seen From La Rambla, Barcelona

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ferran Street As Seen From La Rambla, Barcelona

Ferran Street As Seen From La Rambla, Barcelona [enlarge]

First of all I suggest you click on the image for the larger size in which you will better appreciate old Carrer de Ferran (Ferran is Fernando in Spanish), a long street that goes from La Rambla (see plaque on left top corner) to Sant Jaume square right at the other end. Notice pedestrians have preference here although some cars do circulate. Besides the attractive modernist lamps there are some interesting shops and restaurants. I have always enjoyed this view on Ferran street cause there are no obstacles in the way. I mean, you can see far away and the buildings on both sides are aligned in perfect symmetry.


  1. It is a beautiful street...reminds me of the photo I posted of Paree today (

    Can't imagine why anyone would want to drive down that street and disrupt the flow of pedestrians?

    Super photo, Carlos!

  2. Nice perspective. The buildings at two side gives the 'leading lines' effect. :)

  3. Nice busy looking street! Seems like one of those photos from the google maps plugin!! :-)

  4. Anonymous11:33 AM

    great clarity in the photo - just can't seem to NOT look at the KFC - doesn't look like a recession in Barcelona!

  5. very nice! It reminds me of high street in Auckland.

  6. It's been two years since I've walked down this street. There was an article posted the other day about airlines slashing their prices or running sporadic specials - there was a trip from LA to BCN for $299! Now if only Americans can get more than 2 weeks vacation throughout the year...

  7. Lovely view! Great street, co crowded! It reminds me my great time I spent in Barcelona!

  8. Nice view on the street and shadows in the foreground.

  9. We are currently in Barcelona and renting an apartment not too far from Carrer de Ferran. We found ourselves walking down this street a few times last night (Saturday) soaking up all the culture and excitement. It's much more enjoyable visiting the sites of Barcelona at night - vivid and animated, yet relaxing with much more comfortable temperatures :)

    I found your blog while searching for places to find a good churro. We will make our way to La Palleresa shorty!


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