Barcelona Photoblog: Landscapes of Catalonia: Vallverd D'Urgell

April 13, 2006

Landscapes of Catalonia: Vallverd D'Urgell

Landscapes of Catalonia: Vallverd D'Urgell, LLeida

This landscape picture was taken last month during a visit to Vallverd d'Urgell, a very small town in one of the most beautiful provinces of Catalonia: Lleida

Vallverd is famous for the Castell del Remei good wine cellars and recently for L'Estany d'Ivars i Vallverd, an old pond dried up by man that will be recovered with an ambitious 8.500.000 euros environmental plan and turned into a natural park intended to attract long gone species of birds to their primitive habitat among other purposes. I definitely enjoyed the intensity of the blue skies over the vast prairie.
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