Barcelona Photoblog: Plaça Espanya: Modernist Butterfly at Casa Fajol

April 26, 2006

Plaça Espanya: Modernist Butterfly at Casa Fajol

Plaça Espanya: Modernist Butterfly

Casa Fajol also known as Casa de la Papallona ("butterfly house") is located at carrer Llança just in front of Las Arenas bullring in Plaça Espanya. Built by Josep Graner i Prat in 1912 and named after the big trencadis butterfly on top, it is another great expression of Catalan Modernisme in Barcelona.

Trencadis is a variety of mosaic technique used by Gaudi and his followers during the Art Nouveau period in which broken (trencat in Catalan) painted tiles are layed in a way that differs from traditional mosaic. I would have preferred to take the picture from another angle but the fence surrounding the enormous coliseum at the construction site on my back was a big obstacle. 

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