Barcelona Photoblog: Columbus Monument at Las Ramblas, Barcelona

May 18, 2006

Columbus Monument at Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Columbus Monument at Las Ramblas, Barcelona

I am finding it really hard to post today, as Barcelona FC has won the Champions League (Soccer Final Cup) against Arsenal, and I can only hear horns blowing in the street and people shouting...God, I wish I had a picture of Ronaldinho, Eto or Belletti to show you. I know that for most of you who may not be soccer fans this doesn´t really mean much but at least you would have had a great time watching.

I couldn´t find anything more appropiate than the statue of Columbus a notable symbol of Barcelona, showing the way with pride. (My admiration goes to Arsenal FC, a powerful and elegant opponent). Once it is all said, we shouldn´t forget Columbus Monument: A 60m high column designed by Gaietà Buigas i Monravà for the Universal exhibition of 1888 located at Plaça de la Porta de Pau facing Port Vell. In case you decide to take the lift, you will enjoy a panoramic view of Barcelona Port and Las Ramblas in the back. Wow, now they start with fire crackers! It is going to be a long night.

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