Barcelona Photoblog: Sagrada Familia: Longinos and the Sacred Spear

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Sagrada Familia: Longinos and the Sacred Spear

Sagrada Familia: Longinos and the Sacred Spear

Ask me how I feel now. I had prepared an inspired post about the legend of Longinos the character in my picture and I was using Picasa function called Blog This. After more than an hour of work, I click on publish and there it goes down the drains. Can I swear here? So now I can only "thank" Blogger and Picasa for the big help.
Summary: Cayo Casio Longinos was the soldier who pierced the dead body of Christ with a spear, the sacred spear. His eyesight was impaired but he got cured when splashed by the gushing blood coming out of Jesus wound. Converted to the faith he went on a pilgrimage carrying a metal cup, containing the blood, which is also known as the Holy Grial.

You can see more pictures of the Passion Façade here and some more information in my previous post about the gates of this Sagrada Familia portal.
See the Sagrada Familia Picture on a Google Earth Map


  1. Hi Carlos !
    Nice angle ! I tried once using "Blog this" but didnt like it .

    Thanks for the mentioned, Carlos.Perhaps I was still! Anyway, thanks for dropping by :)


  2. I tried out the same tools and let´s just say I can understand the feeling you had.

    It turned up really good anyway, nice photo. But I loved the one of the Barcelona forum. I got to visit Barcelona one day, I have books about Gaudis work and... well, just got to see them =)

  3. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Sorry about the trouble, but a great post nevertheless.

  4. Merde! That happens far too frequently.

    Great post nonetheless! Thanks for the history lesson.


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