Barcelona Photoblog: Joan Miró: Woman and Bird (Dona i Ocell)

September 07, 2006

Joan Miró: Woman and Bird (Dona i Ocell)

Joan Mirò: Woman and Bird (Dona i Ocell)
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Woman and Bird (1982) known in Catalan as Dona i Ocell was included in an old post of mine back in March, 2006 (Joan Miró: A Photo in Pastel). It was a time when I didn't know much about publishing large pictures. I think this sculpture well deserves a second chance. Notice trencadis work in red, yellow and blue or the sexual symbology invoking fertility and strength associated with ancient Mediterranean cultures. Miró as you know was a painter, a sculptor and a ceramist. Barcelona 1893 - Mallorca 1983, a life of creativeness and innovation. Not fond of being classified he was defined as a surrealist by many and had Dada influences as well, maybe because he believed in the art of automatism, that is drawing or creating in a state of unconciousness or hypnosis, maybe we would call it improvising now. Please complete this succinct information with Joan Miró, Surrealism and Dada at Wikipedia. And then with all that fresh knowledge visit these two magnific sites: Joan Miró Foundation and Pilar i Joan Miró Foundation in Mallorca.

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Google Maps View of Joan Miro Park
Google Earth Map Image of Joan Miró Parc or Parc de l'Escorxador in Barcelona.

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