Barcelona Photoblog: Sightseeing in Barcelona: Las Golondrinas

Friday, September 1, 2006

Sightseeing in Barcelona: Las Golondrinas

Sightseeing in Barcelona: Las Golondrinas

This is a picture I took at Barcelona Port just in front of Columbus Monument in which you can appreciate one of Las Golondrinas, sightseeing ships you can board to travel along the coast.

For more information check the for tourist boat company address:
"Las Golondrinas" - "Sirenas SA"
Pl. Portal de la Pau, 1
08002 - Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 442 31 06


  1. Nice photo! Ships and boats provide an experience and views that you do not get from the land. PS: Congratulations on your recent publicity!!

  2. the colors are always extraordinary like the graphical composition

  3. l'emblema del port, em convides a fer una volta?

  4. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Barcelona is such a beautiful place! Would love to visit your city one day...

  5. Anonymous5:56 PM

    That might be a nice ride.


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