Barcelona Photoblog: Hungry Biker at Catalonia Square, Barcelona

March 10, 2009

Hungry Biker at Catalonia Square, Barcelona

Biker at Catalonia Square

This might as well have been a good post about the benefits of vegetarian food but since I am not an unconditional let's just talk about the place and the scene as such. For those who have never been to Barcelona, this guy is chewing carrots in the middle of Placa Catalunya, one of the most frequented spots downtown. This is like, say, the place where the church and the town hall would stand if this was an old village. The place is the landing strip for thousands of pigeons that live in total connivance with the man behind the pigeon food stand. If the little rat-like creatures stay two steps away from you in all of the urban area, here, in the square, in the event that you dare to throw some seeds or whatever similar object at them, they will ominously perch on your hair and shoulders and you will immediately feel like Tippi Hedren in The Birds. What about our subject today? Was he waiting for his girlfriend, was he anxious, was he on a rigorous diet? We will never know. Take a look at how Catalonia Square looks from above in a previous post: Plaza Catalunya As Seen From El Corte Ingles store (click for the larger image. It is a little blurry cause the store window was in the way and it's got this sort of protective coat to filter the sun rays falling on the top floor restaurant)
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