Barcelona Photoblog: Young Triton Sculpture, Placa Catalunya

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Young Triton Sculpture, Placa Catalunya

Triton Sculpture, Placa Catalunya [enlarge]

I found this sculpture in Plaça Catalonia. There are several important sculptures around the square but this one representing a young triton carrying an enormous shell on his shoulders looking up proudly towards the last rays of the afternoon sun seemed one of the most beautiful in spite of all the pigeon natural paint on the shoulders.


  1. That is a fantastic sculpture...even with pigeon "paint"? I don't think I've heard that expression before -- very good! And a very good photo!

  2. I love this photo---very dramatic!

  3. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Intresting capture ... well done!

  4. It's a wonderful statue and a great shot. You know what makes the statue special for me? The cloth tied at the waist. It's very seductive having him partially clothed instead of in the all-together as in so many statues of young men!

    I don't think you'll ever run out of special things to show us from Barcelona.

  5. Arghh pigeons! I love the way you caught the light here. It is a beautiful statue.

  6. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Very nice blog! I love Barcelona and was lucky enough to travel there in 2005. Beautiful city!!


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