Barcelona Photoblog: Hurakan Condor - Port Aventura's Dreadful Drop Tower

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hurakan Condor - Port Aventura's Dreadful Drop Tower

Hurakan Condor - Port Aventura [enlarge]

Hurakan Condor by the Swiss company Intamin AG is a frightening drop tower which provides the happy customer with a thrilling 3 second free fall ride from a trifling height of about 300 feet or 100 meters. Wanna see how it looks like from the top? Check a Hurakan Condor ride video. There are other famous attractions in Port Aventura like Dragon Khan which were featured here in the past.


  1. how fun! I love the architecture of the thrilling ride! I'm glad to have stumbled upon your blog, I love Barcelona, and will enjoy pictures from that beautiful city! - Amy

  2. I love what you did with this photo, I had to look twice and realize that was an amusement Well done.

    Regina In Pictures

  3. Exquisite sepia everything! I'm looking at the carvings in the lower part of the building - so lovely - and the corner sconces (for lack of the architectural term!).
    I saw the video and it made me dizzy going up. The music playing added to the tension. :)

  4. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Wonderfull, love the angle, great sepia conversion. Well done!

  5. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Great photo! As always.

    Enjoy our visits to Barcelona through your eyes.

    Tweeted with a link to you today.

  6. -Thanks DandainNYC welcome.
    -GuyD thanks. It needed some retouch. Not that I am proud of it. I like the mighty look as taken from below.
    -Oh Lydia you always notice minor details. I had two videos. The other was better in quality but I definitely liked the Indian background music. Thanks
    -Glad you like the sepia tones krims
    -Hi, thanks for that Twitter link designslinger!

  7. Anonymous7:33 AM

    this looks like a fun ride! :D your pictures are beautiful.

  8. That really looks scary but FUN :) I like what you did in post makes the scary bit worse :))))

  9. Well I thought it was some ancient tower until I read the text. I'll certainly pass on watching the video. I wouldn't enjoy riding on any fairground ride but such objects do lend themselves to photography.


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