Barcelona Photoblog: Cafe Zurich - Lamps

July 03, 2009

Cafe Zurich - Lamps

Lamps at Zurich Cafe, Barcelona, Spain

Decoration snapshots are not too frequent in my catalog but I take it that many are interested in other aspects of Barcelona like is the case of interior decoration. Don't ask me why I took a picture of these lamps, maybe it was the place and its name. If you are in the city you can see them too at Cafe Zurich, located just in front of La Rambla and Catalonia Square. Here is an outdoor picture published recently: Cafe Zurich - Terrace. I asked my daughter if she liked the photograph, she said that not much, specially showing that guy on the mirror. I love it when my 12-year-old gets that honest and gives me bad reviews, it really helps keeping my feet on the ground and being less stuck-up.
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