Barcelona Photoblog: Maori Lady Dancing at Port Aventura

July 05, 2009

Maori Lady Dancing at Port Aventura

Maori Girl Dances at Port Aventura [enlarge]

A maori girl dancing under the sun at Port Aventura amusement park, her dress flashing with colors and her hands waving gently at the sound of traditional music. I have always wondered how they manage to have such wonderful looking skin all year long considering they are living in Catalonia. It must be something in their genes I guess. Anyway, if you visit the park don't miss their show, it is a must-see.

Update and correction: Thanks to the kind observation by Amy of Maungaturoto Daily Photo, New Zealand, the lady is definitely a Polinesian dancer. In fact, if I am not in a mistake this show was called Aloha Tahiti and the whole theme area of the park is called Polinesia! Either I have to quit on booze or take a good rest and stop writing my posts so late at night. The only explanation I can find to this terrible mistake is that the dance, specially the men's dance looks very similar to a maori dance at least to the European eye. As my intention is to inform and not to misinform I am happy someone like Amy helped me with this one.

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