Barcelona Photoblog: Snake Eagle at Cim d'Aligues

Friday, July 10, 2009

Snake Eagle at Cim d'Aligues

Snake Eagle's Detail [enlarge]

In order to foster the animal lover in you even though you arrived in here searching for Barcelona photos, I want to show you this nice specimen I was able to capture with my camera at Cim dels Aligues (Eagles' Peak): A Snake Eagle. I hope I am not in a mistake as to identifying the animal. Nevertheless, bird watchers or zoologists could help me with taxonomy here.


  1. Incredible shot! Just beautiful! It's an owl...looking you! Did it hoot?

  2. Hmm...I wouldn't bet on that one. They had it next to the eagles. I have checked about a dozen images. The beak, the feathers look very eagle like. Let me show you another image:
    The bird was kind of bending the head and showing off the feathers or something and so the head is very much like an owl's. Well, I am not very much concerned about the real data cause I just liked the eyes for the picture but wouldn't want to use the wrong classification. Thanks for the observation. About the comment at Ocala Daily, I read the answer :)

  3. Buenos días!
    Bienvenido at the journey throughout life as I'm currently see it. Spend many months in Lloret de Mar, worked in Blanes as a fisherman and made many unforgettable journies to Barcelona. What a beautiful time it was. Love the picture today, as the bird must have an incredible view of earth and life below.

  4. Very nice shot! I love his orange eyes and brown feathers :-)

  5. Hi Carlos

    Again, another stunning picture. Superb.

    I think that Jacob was joking. He was implying that the eagle looked a bit like YOU with an owls face (the spectacles, moody intense state etc):o) LOL

    Keep up the great work and especially the commentaries which I love and really appreciate.


  6. Amazing and awesome.


  7. I just thought resembled an owl... but by all standards... this one's a stunning picture!

  8. A beautiful bird. An extremely sharp shot you've made. Thanks for sharing.


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