Barcelona Photoblog: Barcelona Tram: Route T4 Start Point, Ciutadella - Villa Olimpica


Friday, November 27, 2009

Barcelona Tram: Route T4 Start Point, Ciutadella - Villa Olimpica

Barcelona Tram: Route T4 [enlarge]

This is the start point of T4, one of the Barcelona Tram routes, going from Ciutadella (Olympic Villa) to Sant Adria. To be more specific it is at the end of Wellington street just next to the zoo entrance. To digress a little, I would like to remark how difficult it is for me to choose a proper, original title for a post. Difficult in the sense that I am always conditioned by SEO to make my site noted on the web. To tell you the truth, the sole fact of being so tied to niches, keyword phrases and so on is really a nuisance aka a pain in the a**. Maybe now you'd say, well go ahead and choose whatever title you want. Well, perhaps you wouldn't be reading this cause the post would be lost at the bottom of Google's obscure twilight zone. Yep, I am clearly digressing now. I should have called this something in the way from A Street Car Name T4 to Wheelchair Adapted Transportation. Does anybody know how to give artistic titles to a post and make it hit first pages of Google search results? I would like to give details about our modern tram system but there are sites offering great information on this and this blog is not associated in any way with Tram BCN. Where was I?...


  1. Carlos, I am so there with you in the naming issue. A Street Car Name T4, would have been a wonderful name. Great photo though.

  2. I remember travelling on the old Barcelona tram system in the sixties. I thought it was great because we got rid of our trams in the early fifties when I was small. Madness!

    This looks brilliant, so streamlined. Obviously very accessible for disabled too. I would have loved this to be available when I was carrying a pushchair, a bag, a baby and holding a toddler's hand whilst trying to pay the fare.

    Have to say I'm not an expert at SEO. Does the keyword(s) have to be in the title? Could you put your catchy headline first then a dash and your keyword (less interesting) headline.

    Does Google not pick up on the words in the text too? I thought that as long as the key words are there it will find them? If you have them in your tags/labels does that not also do the trick?

  3. Hi Winifred, thanks for visiting. I think that although Google will find the keywords in your text, a relevant title is important. What I mean is that the title conditions a good listing. Google will find you that's true but the sentence will come from some part inside your paragraph. You are right in a way, there are many ways to show up. I meant that a photoblog normally carries just a picture and the most wonderful thing is to give it some attractive, defining title: for example you have two swans on a lake: you will call it perhaps The Couple, the Lovers, You and Me...whatever. That will be artistic but it is less probable that they get to you if they write "lovers"! unless your photo is also referred to with something relevant in the Alt tag. When you have a text why not using a good combination that has great odds to be found but not too many competitors thought of. Many times just by adding an extra word, a synonym, rephrasing or even including a typo (this is not so important now) makes the difference. My blog depends more on the image search traffic and right after that it is based on direct search on Google, that is words. Summing up, it is good old Google that makes us change our behavior to survive. What I want is that it gets to be the other way around. Thanks for your help Winifred.

  4. While you were trying to come up with the best title for your photo posting, I gave the Barcelona Tram driver my ticket and away we rode down the track without you.

  5. Thanks so much Luis. By the way, I am sorry about the typo. It should have read: A Streetcar Named Desire.

  6. LOL that's right. A tram is a tram. What's in a name.

  7. I really love the photo.. the colors of the trees, and the soft focus you added is really great.

  8. hey carlos... love this picture!!!


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