Barcelona Photoblog: Balthazar, The Black Wise Man

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Balthazar, The Black Wise Man

Balthazar, The Black Wise Man [enlarge]

The Three Wise Men come from the East every January 5th not to bring gold, frankincense and myrrh to baby Jesus but to perform another sacred task, deliver illusions in the form of toys and candies to the children. In return, they only ask for a letter with requests, some water and perhaps pastries and bread crumbs at will for their exhausted camels. Pageants also do their anonymous chores thus alleviating their masters' titanic duties. In the picture, the most solicited, King Balthazar, the Black Magician and Wise Man, poking inside the sack looking for candy to throw to the anxious and happy crowd along Barcelona streets.


  1. Delightful and well-lighted, colorful photo! I enjoy hearing how these various legends expand over time and in different cultures!

  2. A very sharp and colorful shot!

    i have seen this on the island Lanzarote, and the kids there were soooooo happy! :-)

  3. Superb shot. Feliz ano nuevo Carlos Lorenzo!

  4. -Thanks Jacob. Yes, I think is weird we all rely upon something so distant but you know, religion, crusades, migration, wars, discoveries really helped a lot :)
    -Thanks Amy
    -Gracias Gomez
    -Well in Lanzarote I guess the parade will be much more colorful judging by the carnival costumes.
    -Bonne Annee. Merci beaucoup!

  5. Espectacular el carro de Baltazar, me encanta. Felices Reyes Carlos, que te hayan dado regalos y un buen día de descanso.



  6. A very good shot Carlos!

  7. hace tiempo que no pasaba por aqui pero veo que sigues igual de "fiera "que siempre, impresionante tambien la anterior, saludos

  8. Anonymous1:38 AM

    hello. i hope you dont mind me asking what kind of camera and lens you use? gracias!

  9. Anonymous2:27 AM

    What a joy it must be to live in such a city, able to provide such a magic to childrens eyes and aduls for sure alike, probably unthinkable over here.
    Please have a nice Thursday.

  10. A fun and new tradition - I learned something today! Grace 'a toi! Interesting Balthazar photo!

  11. This is a wonderful shot! I love the light and the way it's so sharp even though it's night time.


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