Barcelona Photoblog: 2010, Make a Wish

January 07, 2010

2010, Make a Wish

Kids tossing confetti and candies, Three Wise Men Parade, Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

Everybody must have received their gift by now. Almost. At least those on the Magi list. But after looking at this girl's eyes it occurs to me that dreams will flow in the air like confetti till next year cause illusions never die. It's the magic behind the gifts what keeps us alive and not the gifts as such. The beauty lies in the joy around that material thing and not the thing itself. It's true some get the bulky presents and many just a wooden toy but that doesn't make them better cause happiness is not in the expensive stuff but in the peace of the soul. But Alas!, how many times we forget that. Now that celebrations are over and the Kings have gone back East, I think this special moment tells me more about what life really is, tossing some confetti and making a wish.

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