Barcelona Photoblog: Ramblas Angel

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ramblas Angel

Angel human statue in Las Ramblas de Barcelona [enlarge]

This angel was mentioned before in Barcelona Photoblog: Angel or Devil, a popular living statue in Las Ramblas. That time I thought to emphasize the face and not the wings but I owed you the full size human statue. The rest, the pop art background blurred with radial effect on CS4 maybe is too daring but I had fun doing it. Good week everyone!

(Barcelona Photoblog has been kindly listed among the 50 Most Amazing Architectural Photography Blogs by Photography Colleges, a good guide to find online photography tuition. I wanted to thank them and show you my Architecture and Sculpture in Barcelona set on Flickr, a collection of pictures you can find in my blog archives as well)


  1. super tratamiento y color

  2. Carlos, the angel looks like flying because of your photo effects. A bit frightening (colors are so bright). I am no one minute surprised that they chose you for listing among that 50, it shows they understand the subject right! My warmest congrats!
    Now I go to your Flickr.

  3. Great photo; I 've seen this very same angel on my visit. The effect is just awesome!

  4. I'm glad you posted the entire costume — those wings are magnificent! And I love the effect that you applied on the background too.

  5. Anonymous12:56 AM

    A wonderful piece of art.

    Please have a nice Tuesday.

    daily athens

  6. Carlos, congratulations on your award. I enjoy your daily postings and am happy that you've been recognized for them.

  7. A superb colorful shot!
    Congratulations with " THE TOP 50 ..."!! Well done!


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