Barcelona Photoblog: Innocent Happiness

Monday, April 19, 2010

Innocent Happiness

Kid smiling [enlarge]

It all started one day when you were cast onto the stage of life without permission, from nothingness. You showed under the limelights with an impeccable brand new soul, a pure heart and a neat innocent smile. You just wanted to know and you asked for nothing in return. Magic ruled in the small kingdom of your playroom and worries were not part of your vocabulary. And then they taught you manners and gave you some tuition so you behaved like them. It took a lot of work but finally they managed. You became one of them but you lost something along the way, your innocent happiness. Where did it go?


  1. Fantastic photo; beautiful child! Innocence needs protection.

  2. sweet image.


  3. I like this better than any other baby portrait I've seen. The angle shows all the delight in each feature of the baby. That bit of shine from the earring rather mirrors a similar sparkle in the left eye.

    Also, Carlos, I must tell you again that I think you are a fine writer.

  4. The innocent happiness will return, when she is about 80 :-)))
    You are really a writer. Not mentioning the photographer.

  5. Beautiful baby portrait. A sad but true text.

  6. Anonymous2:00 AM

    A deep bow in respect of both, the way you write and take pictures.

    Please have you all a wonderful Tuesday.

    daily athens


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