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May 24, 2009

Barcelona Coastline

Barcelona View [enlarge]

Not the first time I show the view from Montjuic but I hope in the larger image, which you can see upon clicking on this smaller version, the result pleases you. I still haven't found the right time of the day nor the proper lens to make it look sharper and attractive. I tried to keep the right colors and contrast. Maybe not too realistic a result, but the skies and clouds have this sort of Japanese cartoon happy mood that finally made me repeat this post.

May 11, 2009

Costa Serena Cruiser and Golondrina Boat in Barcelona Port

Costa Serena Cruiser in Barcelona port

This a partial view of the entrance to Barcelona harbor where the Mediterranean cruiser terminals are located. The big vessel in the image is Costa Serena that belongs to one of the main operating companies, Costa Cruceros which generates about 126 visits to our port, according to 2007 figures. Costa Cruceros, brings about 330.000 visitors a year who spend around 50 euros per person in the city. This represents a total amount of around 15 million euros to Barcelona. All cruiser traffic in the port is managed by Creuers del Port de Barcelona, S.A. and the top responsible of all operations is the Port Authority of Barcelona (APB). If the previous figures look good you should know that the port expects to repeat the two million cruise passengers in 2009 and that last year Barcelona was the fifth port in the cruise world, behind the four major touristic ports in the Caribbean - Miami, Port Canaveral, Port Everglades, and the Mexican port of Cozumel. The city expects to receive a total of 880 cruise ship visits in 2009. APB calculates that cruise ships left 200 million euros in 2008! By the way, the small boat in the foreground is one of the Golondrinas sightseeing boats featured here in the past. These are the specs of Costa Serena cruiser:

Built in 2007
Passenger Capacity 2.930 (Double Occupancy)
Number of Crew 1.100
Total Cabins 1.500 (28 for Handicapped Guests)
Tonnage 114.500 t
Length 950 feet
Beam 118 feet
Decks 17 (14 for Guests Use)
Max Speed 23 Knots
Cruising Speed 21.5 Knots

July 13, 2008

The Nova Duana or New Customs House in Barcelona Harbor, Spain

Customs house at Barcelona harbor
Customs house in Barcelona harbor

Here is another photo of the Barcelona Customs House building (in Spanish, Aduana). There were other posts featuring this beautiful façade: Barcelona Harbor_Las Golondrinas Sightseeing Boat and Barcelona Harbour Cruise: A City Teaser.

The Nova Duana (New Customs house), was built by Enric Sagnier (Barcelona, 1858-1931) together with Pere Garcia i Faria. Sagnier was a prolific architect. Other works of his were the Palace of Justice and the Tibidabo Temple. In all, he built about 30 interesting buildings only in Barcelona.

To finish I would like to mention the house El Pinar also known as Casa Arnús, a family house in the middle of a pine woods in Collserola mountain. You can see the lights of this house from Avinguda Tibidabo three times a week (Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays) so I recommend you try to spot it if you are in the area.

November 26, 2007

Bridge Over Barcelona Port as Seen From Sightseeing Boat

Porta de Europa Bridge as seen from sightseeing boat in Barcelona harbor
La Porta de Europa Bridge in Barcelona Harbor - from sightseeing boat

This is the bridge over Barcelona Port as seen from a sightseeing boat of Las Golondrinas company, I already published a post with all the details about this magnificent bridge which I recommend you: La Porta de Europa

Remember this bridge is a project from Arenas y Asociados, built by FCC and considered according to the source, the largest bascule bridge in the world.

November 25, 2007

Reading on the Maremagnum Wooden Platform at Barcelona Harbor

Reading on the Maremagnum Wooden Platform at Barcelona Harbor

The wooden platform along Maremagnum center is made in such a way that it is everything but a wharf. You can see people jogging, kissing, feeding the pigeons, taking pictures and many of them like this person, reading.

Gosh, I wish I had the patience to do that. Why is it that some of us find time and have the will to go to places and some others don't, I mean, the place is not exactly near any building, so you need to plan it, "today I am going to the port and read a book, no matter how cold it is, I will do it".

By the way, notice the buoy, pretending to look the other way not to disturb the reader or perhaps watching the seagulls fly!

Here are some other pictures of Maremagnum area I found interesting via Barcelona Yellow

September 01, 2006

Sightseeing in Barcelona: Las Golondrinas

Sightseeing in Barcelona: Las Golondrinas

This is a picture I took at Barcelona Port just in front of Columbus Monument in which you can appreciate one of Las Golondrinas, sightseeing ships you can board to travel along the coast.

For more information check the for tourist boat company address:
"Las Golondrinas" - "Sirenas SA"
Pl. Portal de la Pau, 1
08002 - Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 442 31 06

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