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May 11, 2009

Costa Serena Cruiser and Golondrina Boat in Barcelona Port

Costa Serena Cruiser in Barcelona port

This a partial view of the entrance to Barcelona harbor where the Mediterranean cruiser terminals are located. The big vessel in the image is Costa Serena that belongs to one of the main operating companies, Costa Cruceros which generates about 126 visits to our port, according to 2007 figures. Costa Cruceros, brings about 330.000 visitors a year who spend around 50 euros per person in the city. This represents a total amount of around 15 million euros to Barcelona. All cruiser traffic in the port is managed by Creuers del Port de Barcelona, S.A. and the top responsible of all operations is the Port Authority of Barcelona (APB). If the previous figures look good you should know that the port expects to repeat the two million cruise passengers in 2009 and that last year Barcelona was the fifth port in the cruise world, behind the four major touristic ports in the Caribbean - Miami, Port Canaveral, Port Everglades, and the Mexican port of Cozumel. The city expects to receive a total of 880 cruise ship visits in 2009. APB calculates that cruise ships left 200 million euros in 2008! By the way, the small boat in the foreground is one of the Golondrinas sightseeing boats featured here in the past. These are the specs of Costa Serena cruiser:

Built in 2007
Passenger Capacity 2.930 (Double Occupancy)
Number of Crew 1.100
Total Cabins 1.500 (28 for Handicapped Guests)
Tonnage 114.500 t
Length 950 feet
Beam 118 feet
Decks 17 (14 for Guests Use)
Max Speed 23 Knots
Cruising Speed 21.5 Knots

July 14, 2008

Barcelona World Trade Center View From The Sea

Barcelona World Trade Center View From The Sea [enlarge]

Here is a very deceptive image in the sense that Barcelona World Trade Center looks like a small scale model next to an enormous cruiser moored to the pier. Maybe the other ship on the left helps the viewer find out what is huge and what is normal size here. Perhaps if you are an enthusiast of Barcelona Photoblog you remember that picture where I showed the other side of the pier: WTC: A Close Look. To have an idea of how it would all look from above watch it from the Mirador on Montjuic mountain.

April 16, 2008

Cruise Ferries at Barcelona Port: Grandi Navi Veloci

Cruise Ferries at Barcelona Port: Grandi Navi Veloci [enlarge]

This is a view of Barcelona Port as taken from the gardens of Montjuic. Besides the harbor paraphernalia in the foreground, perhaps you can manage to see a big boat and you happen to see her name, Grandi Navi Veloci. This is one of the cruise ferries sailing the Mediterranean Sea between Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. You can always search for Grandi Navi Veloci ferry prices online if you wish but that's not the purpose of this post. Maybe it only means that the port of Barcelona is one of the most important stopovers for Mediterranean cruisers.

May 02, 2007

World Trade Center Barcelona: A Close Look

Barcelona World Trade Center - Grand Marina Hotel

This is a close look on World Trade Center Barcelona (WTCB) at the end of Moll de Barcelona (moll means "wharf"). Built by Henry N. Coob of Pei, Coob, Freed & Partners, also known by his Hancock tower in Boston, WTCB is an eight storey complex divided in four buildings. Three of them, WTC North, WTC South and WTC East hold offices and the fourth is the Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel. Grand Marina with its 273 rooms is a 5 star GL hotel. I got this picture from the deck of a sightseeing boat. If you use the cable car or teleferic which happens to have one of his towers (Torre de Jaume I, the intermediate station which is 158m/519ft) in front of the hotel you will have a privileged aerial view of WTCB and the cruiser terminals on the same wharf. Zurbaran is one of the ships that belong to Acciona Trasmediterranea, a company sailing to the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. There are international cruises in Barcelona port too departing from Adossat Wharf nearby but that is part of another story.

October 18, 2006

Barcelona Port: WTC, Cruisers and...Pigeons?

Barcelona Port

Here is a view of Barcelona Port, specifically Port Vell (Old Port) with World Trade Center building in the back, some cruisers and a lot of pigeons baking in the sun. I would like to mention my friend Kris from Little Town in Hungary who also included pigeons in her post yesterday. Once, long ago, in my childhood days I thought they were beautiful. I reckon they might be for those of you living in places where they are not crawling and creeping like rats as it happens here and in many countries. 

The other day I was fighting over a McDonald's hamburger with one of those predators. No wonder they swarm freely in the harbor area, they don't have natural enemies, just hunger, viruses and maybe seagulls, another growing menace in modern cities. Hey, don't misinterpret me, I love animals...birds too, but not THAT many!.

Relevant information: Barcelona World Trade Center, located at the end of Moll de Barcelona (Barcelona Wharf) was created by US architects, Pei, Coob, Fred & Partners, authors of the glass pyramid at the Louvre Museum. For more details check the official site mentioned above. Cruisers like the ones in the picture depart from international seaport terminals on both sides of Barcelona wharf. The big metal structure is the tower of Jaume I, communicating the port with a neighboring hill called Montjuic by means of a cable car known as the Montjuïc Teleféric. Amazing view from there!  

September 18, 2006

Panoramic View of Barcelona: World Trade Center

Panoramic View of Barcelona: World Trade Center

Today, I present you with another shot taken from Montjuic of one of the wharfs at Barcelona port. Notice this enormous and luxurious hotel, with an exquisite design at the very end of the pier: it is the Barcelona World Trade Center, on the right side of the picture next to the cable car tower. I would recommend it if it weren't for the fact that it is not made for the pocket of common mortals like us, are you?
Cruisers sailing the Mediterranean sea depart from the same wharf, what a coincidence!.

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