Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Closer Look on Igor Mitoraj's Sculpture

A Closer Look on Igor Mitoraj's Sculpture [enlarge]

A close look, a very close look in fact and I meant literally, not that I am going to make an essay on Mitoraj. I believe that I have said everything within my reach about this Polish-German sculptor in recent posts. I just wanted to experiment with this head called Polvere d'Oriente made in 1990. Seen from this angle it looks like some Pascua monolyth or ancient God. According to some sources this man represents Buddha. Here is a different angle in a wonderful picture via M.C. de la Oliva.

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  1. Carlos,
    From this POV this piece does look colossal. Put me in mind of Shelly's poem "Ozymandias." Wonderful shot.


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