Barcelona Photoblog: Flower Digital Photography: Light Purple

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Flower Digital Photography: Light Purple

Flower Digital Photography: Light Purple

Another assignment for flower enthusiasts: I came across these beautiful purple flowers at Park Guell gardens. Due to the long stem and leaves I suppose it is a bulb flower very common in public places but I must have missed that botany lesson so I need your help one more time.

Last quiz answer was Lantanas. Thanks to those who gave me the correct name or enhanced the scarce information of the post.

Update: agapanthus was the name!


  1. Hi. Think its an agapanthus

  2. Yeah, thank you very much Axx. I checked wikipedia and I think your right. I am learning some names now :).

  3. Anonymous2:00 PM

    It is an interesting flower and the colors are nice. I never saw one before today.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  4. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Beautiful shoot my friend.

    I love macros in flowers

  5. Yup, definitely agapanthus. Very beautiful shot.

  6. Benji C8:28 AM

    I appologize if you answer it later, but this is an African Lilly or Lilly of the Nile.


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