Barcelona Photoblog: Gaudi Museum in Park Guell, Barcelona

July 21, 2007

Gaudi Museum in Park Guell, Barcelona

Pink house or Gaudi Museum at Park Guell
Pink Tower - Gaudi museum at Park Guell

This a museum inside Park Guell, a modernist house Gaudi bought in 1906 and that had been built by Francesc Berenguer, one of his collaborators. 

The house had been part of the park's utopian projects and later it could not be sold. Thanks to that it came into Gaudi hands who lived there for 20 years first with his father and niece and then completely alone till 1926 the year of his death although he was not there till he died cause he abandoned the house some months before due to the distance with the city and went to his workshop in the cathedral. 

The house was known as the Pink Tower because Antoni Gaudí was very devout to the Rose Virgin. This is the view of the building as taken from a low angle in the garden that is in the backyard.
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